Pain signals travel through nerve receptors to the brain through the nervous system. The Acu-Pulse system delivers bio-electric pulses and rhythms that mimic the body’s natural signals so you feel our technology instead of the pain sensations. This has a lasting affect even after using Acu-Pulse!


Electric muscle stimulation trains your muscles in a way that traditional workouts alone can’t. EMS, also known as neuromuscular electric stimulation, muscle stim, or e-stim, is delivered through electronic pulses to your nerve fibers in order to create involuntary muscle contractions. Unlike TENS, EMS waveforms activate fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers allowing the muscles to be stimulated to the point of exhaustion (relaxation) thus healing them to become stronger. This is similar to weight training. Strong muscles support joints and ligaments creating better support.


Microcurrent treatments concentrate on pain relief and speeding healing and recovery. It is commonly used by professional and performance athletes with acute pain and/or muscle tenderness as it is drug-free and non-invasive, thus avoiding testing and recovery issues. It is also used as a cosmetic treatment for relaxation.