• Luxe Massage Chair


    The Luxe Massage Chair features an exclusive J track which gives you the benefit of both an L-Track and an S-Track chair. Luxe comes fully equipped with 6 auto massage programs, 6 special programs, and 5 manual programs, meaning you will always have the perfect massage for every issue you are having. The back, leg, and foot heat option Luxe offers means you will always have a soothing and relaxing massage that even hands cant offer. Luxe has 8 soft 4-D rollers and 62 airbags that fully engulf your body so nothing is left untouched. With one click of a button all the pressure on your back will be removed with the zero gravity function that can almost surely put you to sleep every time.

    Warranty: 3 years of repair/replacement 

    Model Name: COMTEK